Mein Lieblingsstück

Which music touches the heart of a chief executive? To which musical work does Frankfurt's Mayor feel emotionally attached?

For many people, music is an essential part of their lives, and they associate important memories or key experiences with a very specific piece. To explore this in greater depth, the Society of Friends of the Alte Oper Frankfurt and the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts have joined forces and created the series "Mein Lieblingssstück" (My favourite piece): a prominent public figure and a member of the audience each present their favourite pieces, which are then interpreted by students at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

The successful series, which has been existing since 2006, is continued with four dates throughout the season, each at 11 am on a Saturday.

If you would like to present your favourite piece at one of the upcoming concerts, you can apply to participate. The provision is that "your piece" can be performed within the existing options, i.e. it must be a solo piece, a piece of chamber music or a song.
Simply write to us and briefly explain the importance that your "favourite piece" had/has in your life.
The selection is purposefully made according to subjective criteria, such as the availability of students or the compatibility of the desired pieces with those works suggested by the prominent public figures. All those applications which are not selected are added to a pool and continuously reviewed.

Please send your application as an audience participant to
Gesellschaft der Freunde der Alten Oper Frankfurt
Postfach 170151
D-60075 Frankfurt
F +49 69 1340 537