Under 25 - 10 Euros

The next generation of concertgoers should also have the opportunity to attend the concerts of Alte Oper, despite their tight wallets! For this reason, Alte Oper is offering all young people up to the age of 25 concert tickets for Alte Oper's own events at a price of ten euros - and this is already available in advance. This means that concert attendance for anyone under 25 is not only affordable, but can also be planned. Tickets are available at all advance booking offices of Frankfurt Ticket and can be booked by phone (069 1340 400). Some concerts, however, are excluded from the offer. For those who were unable to secure a ticket from this limited contingent, we recommend the box office: remaining tickets can be purchased there by pupils, students and trainees up to the age of 25 at a price of 15 euros. In addition, pupils, students and trainees up to the age of 25 receive a 50% discount on advance sales, and this is also available online. 

Read more: www.alteoper.de/zehner

Project partner "Ein Zehner bis 25": Dr. Rolf M. Schwiete Foundation, Dr. Hans Feith and Dr. Elisabeth Feith Foundation, FAZIT-Foundation
We would like to thank Hildegard and Günter Prack for their generous sponsorship of "Ein Zehner bis 25" in the 2023/24 season and the 2024/25 season.