Your visit

We would like to warmly welcome you to the Alte Oper Frankfurt and hope that you enjoy your visit. We have summarised any important information for your visit below. In case we have not answered all your questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Where can I find the hygiene concept of the Alte Oper Frankfurt?

The hygiene concept of the Alte Oper Frankfurt is updated regularly. You will find all relevant information at:

For all events promoted by Alte Oper (Eigenveranstaltungen) the following applies: In the interest of your health in the 2022/23 season you are required to wear a medical mask (FFP2 or surgery mask) from the time you enter the building until you reach your seat. Once you have taken your seat, you are welcome to remove the medical mask. At the end of the concert, we ask that you put your medical mask protection back on.

The concerts promoted by Alte Oper Frankfurt take place in what is known as a chessboard pattern. This means that the seats next to, in front of and behind you remain free so that safety distances can be maintained.


Does the current energy crisis affect the performance and my visit to the Alte Oper Frankfurt?

The staging of the planned events is not affected by the current crisis. Please note, however, that in the course of the federal regulation (EnSikuMaV), which has been in force since 1 September 2022, the hall temperature has been lowered from 22 degrees to 20 degrees.

How do I get to the Alte Oper Frankfurt?

Click on the link Arrival & Parking to find all the information you need about getting to the Alte Oper quickly and easily.

When does the house open and what about the box office?

The Alte Oper opens the house to the audience one hour before the start of the performance. Similarly, from one hour before the start of the concert, you can purchase any remaining tickets for the respective performance at the box office in the Alte Oper.

Can items of luggage and booster seats be taken into the auditorium?

For safety reasons, among other things, large bags, items of luggage and booster seats cannot be taken into the concert halls.

What is the appropriate apparel to wear to a concert?

As a rule, people attending a ball wear a tuxedo/evening dress, whereas those visiting a jazz concert often wear jeans and trainers. The appropriate clothing very much depends on the type of event. For a traditional concert, the following applies: enjoy the evening in the clothing you feel comfortable in – though feel free to dress more festively than you do for everyday life. After all, a concert is not an everyday experience for most people, and they are welcome to express this through the type of clothes they wear. There is no dress code in the strict sense here – whether you wear a suit, dinner jacket or jumper, a costume, dress or trousers, is totally up to you and your individual taste.

What should I do if I arrive too late to the concert?

If you are late for the concert, please contact our staff. Late admission is only possible at a break in the performance, in which case the entitlement to the purchased ticket seat is forfeited. In exceptional cases, for example at concerts without an intermission, you will be admitted at the next suitable time.

Am I allowed to record image or sound during the concert?

We ask for your understanding that the use of devices for recording images and sound is not permitted during the performances for copyright reasons.

What range of culinary options are available during concerts intermissions?

We are pleased to once again be able to offer you a gastronomic experience at the Alte Oper:

Clara Schumann Foyer (Level 2).
Before the concert and during the concert breaks, you can enjoy our extensive selection of refreshing drinks and small dishes here at standing and bistro tables.

Hindemith Foyer (Level 3)
Before the concert and during the concert breaks, we offer an extensive selection of refreshing drinks.

Albert Mangelsdorff Foyer (Level 5)
During the concert break, you can enjoy our extensive selection of refreshing drinks here at standing and bistro tables.

Outside of our concerts, the Kuffler Gastronomie team looks forward to welcoming you in the Rosso Suite (Level 1) and in the Opéra Restaurant (Level 3). For more information, please click here.


What is the best way to stay informed about events at the Alte Oper?

The Alte Oper Frankfurt's monthly programmes provide you with comprehensive information regarding the upcoming events. These can be found at all advance booking offices, but you can also download them from our website or have them sent to you by post. Our website and our newsletter are the best source of news and special offers, and we are happy to send our newsletter to you each month.